History of Thalon

So begins the ancient text, “Origins of Thalon”, written by The Finder —the legendary and anonymous hero.

As recorded by the explorer-scientist herself, The Finder discovered Thalon aboard an abandoned alien vessel on the edge of known space. A mystical power cell was hidden among the vessel's cargo, charged with a previously unknown force; a force that can affect and influence all things — organic or inorganic, biological or artificial, living or dead.

Over time the energy has spread far and wide across the universe. When properly harnessed, it can boost the power of any living or non-living thing. For a farmer, Thalon can improve his crops. For a thinker, it can expand his cerebral ability. For an engineer, it can strengthen his structures. For a general, it can augment his troops. Failure to exploit it signals defeat, while successful use often guarantees victory. However, for all its remarkable power, it can be unstable. Many of those who attempted to follow in The Finder’s footsteps — hoping to unravel the inner workings of this force — have lost their lives in the process.

Experiments have been conducted to combine Thalon with other forms of energy to unlock yet more of its limitless potential. And most recently the exploitation of wormholes has seen large quantities of it transported over immense distances, bringing rise to further experimentation and innovation.

More curious minds have turned their attention to the origins of Thalon, hoping to further their understanding. Some are scientists and researchers; others approach the subject from a spiritual or religious standpoint, believing that it may be connected to the origins of the universe and life itself. There are rumors of ancient relics and sites imbued with special properties, and evidence of civilizations that have crumbled and burned because of the unfettered greed and lust that worked into the minds of those that could not contain Thalon’s power.

Whatever its origins and history, there can be no doubt that the Finder was right about the importance of Thalon. This unique form of energy holds the key to acquiring influence, territory, and power throughout the universe.