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A Web3, real-time strategy game, where you compete for territory, power, and prestige


Thalon's visuals and gameplay are completely original and inspired by classics like Dune II, StarCraft, Civilization, Age of Empires.


What is Thalon

Thalon is a rich story driven, real time strategy GameFi project built on Ethereum layer 2 blockchain (Immutable X). Users will have the opportunity to own land, mine resources, build armies and battle for territory, power & prestige.

What is $THL

$THL is the official token associated with Thalon. Its main features include being our governance token (providing $THL token holders a vote in the futures decisions on the project), liquidity mining (allowing holder that stake $THL to receive more $THL as an incentive) and in game utility (ability to buy in game assets, enter Thalon tournaments, in game speed ups & more).   

Where can I buy the token

We are still in early development and will confirm via our official social media platforms when $THL will be available to the public.

Will I need Thalon ($THL) token to play

There will be a limited free to play version of the game, but to participate in tournaments and access special features of the game - $THL will be required.

What do NFTs have to do with the game 

All in-game assets will be NFTs, this means all land, buildings & battle units are 100% owned by the user and can be sold, bought and traded on our in-game and open marketplaces. 

When can I play Thalon

The first version of Thalon will be Base Building which users will start the gathering of resources and creating their headquarters – this will be released in late 2022. Further developments of the game including Battles, Research, City Builder & Thalonists, will be released over the next 18-24 months from the Base Building release.

How can I play 

Thalon’s first game release will be operational on mobile devices with PC integration coming soon after. 

I want to get involved

Please view the Careers (soon) section of our website and follow the steps to apply. If you are an influencer, high level gamer or investor please email info@thalon.io with your proposal. 

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